Tuesday, April 26, 2011

This Is It...Florida Senate Votes Tomorrow On Open-Carry

And it is going to be a squeaker.

Too many women in the legislature who think that hundreds of people died at the OK Corral since open carry invites one bloodbath after another. Too many limpwristed men who believe that what they've seen on HBO mirrors the real world.

I am pretty much emotionally drained from this one; tired of talking to idiots and liberals. Wait. I repeat myself.

My honest guess is that SB 234 will go back to committee for a winnowing. They'll throw us a bone by modernizing the way we buy long guns and put some backbone into one thing or another but open carry will have to wait for mid 2012 when we toss the remainder of the democrats out along with the weak sisters who are proving to be RINO's who lied their asses off to get elected.

But should it pass?

Then  its time for me to get a brand new rig for the Blackhawk and off to the range.

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