Friday, April 15, 2011

Florida Open-Carry Update

"Law enforcement is going to start drawing their weapons and challenging these individuals, and something bad may very well happen."

Pinellas County Sheriff Jim Coates while testifying before the Florida legislature on the issue of open-carry.

Lots of us here in the Gunshine State have contacted our representatives and asked them to remain aware of the fact that Sheriff Coates has clearly threatened the citizenry with bodily harm for doing nothing other than exercising their Constitutional rights, and to consider taking preemptive action against not only this Sheriff but any member of the constabulary declaring that they too feel that the badge makes a man more equal.

Coates and those like Coates have been forecasting the usual "blood running in the streets" scenarios should open-carry pass, but this time with a new wrinkle. Usually, the song and dance goes something like this:

One citizen gets mad at another citizen then calls him out for a showdown. Both are killed, along with several dogs, cats, little old ladies, and a baker's dozen mailmen and meter-readers.

But now its: Cops all over the state spy men with guns. Cops then shoot men with guns, creating widows and orphans and severely stress the already overloaded cemetery systems. Embalming fluid prices go through the roof and bodies pile up in mortuary alleyways. Burning laws are eased to accommodate outdoor cremations, and soon afterwards the whole state burns to the ground due to an unusually dry summer season.

Gainesville...the current location of Fort in particular dead-set against open-carry, due to the fact that six of the seven city commissioners are democrats. Alachua County swings back and forth, but current Sheriff Sadie (cops are EXTRA-special people) Darnell is the most liberal human on the face of God's green earth and that includes Nancy Pelosi and Hillary RodHam. Oh yeah, and she's just as homely, too.


Anonymous said...

I believe that I read, in another article today, that the LEO organizations in Florida supported open carry when concealed carry was being considered back some time ago. Something about "wild West" and "blood in the streets" or similar if the untrustworthy minions of the state were able to conceal their "pieces." Wouldn't happen if "packin' heat" was open. Times do change. Alemaster

Fits said...

Whatever their liberal masters tell them to do they do. Its what happens when people who have no core beliefs of their own have to step up to the plate. And of course the bottom line happens to be the fact that law enforcement is scared witless about the thought of the citizenry going about armed.