Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Obama's Campaign "Promises: Kept Or Broken

1)Close Guantanamo Bay: NO
2) Letting Bush-Era Tax Cuts Expire: NO
3) Foreclosure Prevention Fund: 50-50
4) Immigration Reform: NO
5) Restricting Former Lobbyists from Serving in Obama Administration: NO
6) Iraq War: 50-50...he just went and began another one so the spirit of the deal is nixed
7) Repeal "Don't Ask, Don't Tell": YES
8) Sign a ‘Universal' Health care Bill: YES

4 definite no's, 2 definite yes's, and 2 stabs in the dark. And the 2 yes's are still being fought against. Sure, he signed Obamacare, but its being eviscerated almost daily, and Don't-Ask is just beginning to create problems that anyone with even half a brain could have foreseen. 

Bottom Line: Total, irreversible fail with a capital O.

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Anonymous said...

Universal Healthcare Bill was touted as a cost saver to those currently holding health insurance. The CBO now says it will increase the cost of healthcare by %30. Fail!