Monday, April 11, 2011

"Giants, Dodgers plead for calm ahead of series"

In one of the most violent episodes in a rivalry that dates to 1889, Giants fan Bryan Stow suffered a savage beating after an opening-day game at Dodger Stadium on March 31. The 42-year-old Santa Cruz paramedic was attacked by two unknown assailants and remains in a medically induced coma at Los Angeles County-USC Medical Center.

As the search for Stow's attackers continues, the Giants are bracing for the next round: The Dodgers arrive Monday for a three-game series at AT&T Park, and the Giants have significantly bumped up the amount of security enforcement in and around the stadium.

Baseball happily smiles at the receipts from beer sales at games featuring heated rivals, then "pleads" for calm when gangbangers do what gangbangers are famous for doing. Fact of the matter is, in dirty places like LA and San Francisco, baseball stadiums would be as lively as Grants' Tomb were alcohol to be banned from either or both venues. The creatures would stay home or sneak in their own drug of choice, and while we're at it, can anyone tell me why obvious gangsters are allowed in the parks to begin with?

See the colors the guy is wearing from a picture taken from a previous game? Colors "belong" to gangs. Mexican gang members are duty-bound to kill anyone caught wearing a color they shouldn't be wearing. Oh they'll let you live if you apologize and swear never to do it again but something tells me that this guy wasn't in the mood to apologize for anything.

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