Friday, April 22, 2011

More Rioting In McDonalds

Clicking the headline link will bring you to a video whereupon you'll be able to watch two large black women mercilessly beating a white woman inside a McDonalds. 

YouTube pulled the video, but as a commenter noted, the Rodney King video remains there in all its glory.

Isn't just a double-standard anymore, gang. The media doesn't merely shy away from calling a spade a spade but promotes violence whenever one of their pets calls for it.

If and when the Second Revolution comes there will be an awful lot of folks held accountable for what they've done to America.


Fits said...

Uh huh. Can't have folks thinking that blacks hurt whites.

David said...

The reality-based fantasy crowd is absolutely POSITIVE that the Noble Blacks are ALWAYS the victim in ANY and ALL interactions with the Oppressor Race, and so this sort of thing cannot be allowed to be known by the sheeple.

flashman said...

It may not have been primarily racial hatred. I read accounts that said the "woman" was a transsexual and the violence involved use of the restroom. No excuse for the behavior of the perpetrators or the bystanders who did nothing to stop the beating however.

Fits said...

Thanks for the input, Flash. From what I understand, the person operating the camera has been terminated.

Which is what we need lots more of. Terminations.