Monday, April 18, 2011

Where Certain Rights Are NOT Self Evident...UPDATE

Despite what liberals say, it wasn't just the Founding Father's who believed in the unalienable right to keep and bear arms, as 44 states have it in their Constitutions as well.

Even the undereducated would be forced to admit that 44 out of 57 50 is a pretty good percentage, but what about those 6 states that were too busy stomping grapes and/or forming teacher's unions instead of assuring one of the most hallowed tenets of freedom?

Some will say that the notion of guaranteeing the right to bear arms is a silly concept because there is no legal imprimatur extant to drink water or breathe air or make kickass spaghetti sauce for that matter because NO governing body would have the wherewithal to remove the basics of life, so why bring up something that is akin to mom and apple pie?

Ah, but too many patriots had fresh reminiscence of governing bodies...think British rule...that made stuff up as they went along, so they nudged and finagled and prodded until the general consensus to self protection WAS written down for all to see just in case some folks awoke one day with a really really case of WTF.

So then.  

New York
New Jersey


Which was/is the infamous state #6?

No fair asking Barney Google. What does your gut tell you?


Okay...the loser was IOWA...

Yes, the dog food manufacturing capital of the world didn't feel it necessary to include the right to bear arms, but just try mowing down a corn field and see what happens to ya.

I lived there for several years and getting a concealed carry permit meant registering as a member of whichever political party the local sheriff was a part of.

PS: And refusing to do so while adding "Why not go fuck yourself" doesn't help at all.


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Gotta be the state that gave us the Marxist in Chief: Ill-Annoy.

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Farther west...

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