Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Earth Day

Just got done mowing the lawn and damn but that old mower is belching more and more smoke than ever. Still, it does the job and the blade is wicked so who am I to complain. I needed to spruce up the front a little because a heap of the Hogtown Irregulars will be stopping by before we head on over to Ert's place for our bonfire and cookout. Gene has this gigantic barbecue monster and its really a slow cooker that can fog half the swamp out but nary a 'skeeter dares show her ugly snout through that smoke.

It looks likes there's going be about 50-60 of us all told counting spouses and lady friends, (no significant others we ain't gay) and that's terrific because once it gets dark we move our vehicles down to the creek edge...on Earth Day everyone comes in his own car or truck or cycle...and turn the lights on to play gator spotting, a few dozen idling gas, diesel, and even canola oil burners do make quite the scene but hell its Earth Day so don't spare the expense.

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