Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The REAL Reason Chinamen Aren't Allowed To Google

Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer. Otherwise known as slop with hops, this bilious brew is all the fad with Wall Street types, because its just so cool to drink what the poor people drink.

Enter the chinese. Some important chinaman commie visits NYC, is taken out for a night on the town, and something gets lost in the translation because a single bottle of Pabst goes for the equivalent of $44 US smackeroonies in yellow-perilville once he returns home and brags about the elixir of all elixirs that rich Amelicans dlink.

But at least the average chinamen can't just look up Pabst, discover that it isn't all that and a bag of chips, and come to the ever so startling conclusion that their fearless leaders don't know from shinola.

The Japanese on the other hand can, but nothing stops them from ordering KitKats like there's no tomollow. 

Here's the skinny; KitKats are made by Nestle's which is owned by Nabisco but Nabisco doesn't have the manufacturing capacity to make alla them little crunchy diabetes-inducers so in the States Kit-Kats are made by Hershey.

In Japanese, Kitto-Katsu is literally translated to "break a leg", something said to wish one good luck. Enter Kit-Kats and the ensuing explosion of much needed chocolaty Kitto-Katsu's made Nestle's, Nabisco, and Hershey say and do anything they could to continue the popularity of the treat, so but of course they admitted that, why gee fella's, its the same here!

EVERYone in Amellica gives KitKats to insure good fortune! 

Anyhoot, there are over 80 variations of KitKats in Japan, and yep, there's fish-flavor too because it wouldn't be Japanese if there wasn't a nastyass aftertaste.

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