Friday, April 29, 2011

All Hands: Remington Corrosion-Resistant Snap Cap

My gun safe is 5' tall by 3' wide and about 3' in depth, yeah a squat old sucker, and I put one of these on the top shelf, one on the bottom, and even in the high humidity hell that is Florida none of my gear has shown the slightest propensity to rust.

I like these suckers because you can use them as a snap cap as well, and the good part about ordering one now is CDNN is giving away 3 additional ones...rifle sized...for free, and all internet orders are shipping for $5.99. The plug itself is only $4.99 and well worth every penny.

Disclaimer: I'm doing some stocking up, wanted to pass along a good deal, and have no affiliation with Remington or CDNN.


Anonymous said...

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