Sunday, September 23, 2007

Authorities Probe White Supremacist Web Site Calling for Lynching of 'Jena Six'

JENA, La. — "The FBI is reviewing a white supremacist Web site that purports to list the addresses of five of the six black teenagers accused of beating a white student in the small town of Jena and "essentially called for their lynching," an agency spokeswoman said.

Sheila Thorne, an agent in the FBI's New Orleans office, said Saturday that authorities were reviewing whether the site breaks any federal laws. She said the FBI had "gathered intelligence on the matter," but declined to further explain how the agency got involved.

The Web site features a swastika, frequent use of racial slurs, a mailing address in Roanoke, Virginia, and phone numbers purportedly for some of the teens' families "in case anyone wants to deliver justice." That page is dated Thursday."

Apparently, neither the AP nor Fox News has the courage to link to the above mention blog site, so here it is.

Its worth mentioning because a foreign tyrant like Ahmadimmerbulb can declare Death to America over and over again, and get the red carpet treatment, but let one idjit post some rambling racism on a blog and suddenly the FBI is investigating.

The guy is bad news for sure, but his hate is misplaced. If he were saying the same things about America, he'd already have become a media darling:

"Why do we not keep these people as slaves? Only a delusional Christian with his irrational belief that even the greatest of men pales before the greatness of God could believe that the difference between a nigger and a human pales before the Almighty.

If we piled them up in camps and set them on fire until the black smoke from their black skins blackened the skies, we would be doing the world no wrong."

By the way, I couldn't find the swastika so perhaps Blogger got on his case for it.

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