Saturday, September 29, 2007

"I'm certainly a proponent for more regulations."

...Says NYPD Commissioner Kelly

"Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly called for stricter statewide gun regulations today after a troubled St. John's University student bought an antique weapon upstate and carried it onto a Queens campus, prompting his arrest.

Mr. Kelly said the student, Omesh Hiraman, 22, had a prior arrest for disorderly conduct when he attended Cornell University. But when he bought a .50 caliber Wolf rifle, bullets, and gunpowder last week at Dick's Sporting Goods in Poughkeepsie he did not have to show identification or undergo a background check because the weapon is not considered a firearm under state or federal laws."

Cops like Kelly dream of times like this. Not that any harm was done with the muzzle loader, but it COULD have hurt someone and thats all that counts. The possibility. But its okay for his boys and girls to parade around armed to the teeth because, after all, THEIR safety is far more important.

The man is a thug, plain and simple. Surrender the means to defend yourself or he'll send men to kill you. Just like the Founding fathers thought it should be. Right?

Can you believe the man swore an oath to uphold the Constitution?

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