Friday, September 21, 2007

Snoop Dogg pleads guilty to weapons charge

SANTA ANA, Calif. - "Snoop Dogg pleaded guilty Thursday to one count of felony possession of a dangerous weapon and was sentenced to 160 hours of community service and three years probation, his attorney said.

Snoop Dogg, 35, was arrested in September 2006 after the discovery of a collapsible baton in his computer bag at John Wayne Airport in Orange County.

Authorities said it was a dangerous weapon. He said it was a prop for a video he was filming in New York."

Thank the heavens they caught him before he un-collapsed his weapon, and, gasp, began waving it about.

But that isn't the worst of it. Last October...pardon me but this is sooooo hard to say it has me shaking...last October, oh God read it for yourself!

"The case is Snoop Dogg's second in the past year. He was arrested at Bob Hope Airport in Burbank on Oct. 26 on suspicion of transporting marijuana. Police later found a gun at his home.

The rapper, born Cordozar Calvin Broadus Jr., pleaded no contest in April to felony gun and marijuana charges and agreed to five years' probation and 800 hours of community service."

No, your eyes are NOT deceiving you, they found a gggun in his home. Doesn't say what sort of gggun but I bet it was the long, black, and ugly kind. And that young man should thank his lucky stars that he lives in so tolerant a land, because his rap sheet is longer than his collapsible baton!

"Snoop Dogg was convicted in 1990 of cocaine possession and charged with gun possession after a 1993 traffic stop. In 1997, he pleaded guilty in exchange for three years' probation and a promise to make public service announcements against violence.

He was acquitted of a murder charge in 1996 after the death of an alleged street-gang member killed by gunfire from the vehicle in which Snoop Dogg was traveling."

Gun charges, drug charges, murder charges, and now he's making commercials, is in movies, and continues to make "songs" with lyrics like "Whipped out my GLOCK, bitch sucked it like a C*ck".

Brings tears to ones eyes almost, doesn't it? That they keep taking those evil dirty long black guns away from this poor boy before he gets the chance to hurt himself. That's WHY they MUST ban them. Ban them for good and forever. Because the alternative is too terrible to even think about. About some day waking up and finding out that Snoop was at the receiving end of someone who "whipped out a GLOCK, then he dropped like a ROCK..."

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