Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Stop The Presses...50 BMG Muzzleloader Found On St. Johns Campus

(CBS) NEW YORK "CBS 2 HD has learned police have apprehended a man who was reportedly walking around St. John's University campus in Queens armed with a .50 caliber rifle, and apparently wearing a Halloween mask and a black hoodie

The Jamaica Estates campus was apparently locked down and students told to stay in their dorms as police searched for the suspect, who was arrested around 3 p.m. All classes on the campus have been canceled.

Police say the man, identified as 22-year-old Omesh Hiraman, a Guyanese student, was carrying a .50 caliber black powder Wolf muzzle loader rifle inside a bag. Public Safety officers quickly disarmed the suspect and have turned him over to the NYPD."

.50 Caliber Rifle

The suspect was said to be carrying a .50 caliber black powder Wolf rifle, similar to the one shown above.


Damn. I hadn't a clue they made a blackpowder version.

Thanks to The War on Guns.


"The rifle was charged with gun powder, but police were still trying to determine if it was loaded with a live round, (police spokesman) Browne said."

Yes. A police spokesman not understanding that a black powder weapon cannot contain a "live" round, as it is cartridgeless. Since it DID have a charge of powder, one must look for the projectile and percussion cap to determine the probability of it discharging.

Why do we have to constantly teach these "experts" every little thing?


"I saw the guy and I said, 'What a freak! Who is wearing a mask when it's 90 degrees out?'" Lu said. "I saw he was carrying a bag on his shoulder. I realize now that was a gun. If I ever see a guy with a mask on again, I'm gonna tackle him and ask questions later."

The suspect was identified as freshman Omesh Hiraman, 22, a graduate of Manhattan's elite Stuyvesant High School but a dropout from Cornell University.

Police sources said he had psychiatric problems, stopped taking his medicine, suffered a "physical and mental breakdown" and became obsessed with getting a gun."

He was carrying a rifle.

"This is my rifle, this is my gun, one is for shooting, one is for fun..."

Speaking of fun, the NY Daily Snooze believes a single shot black powder rifle to be...prepare yourself now...


Yes. At the Alamo.

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