Saturday, September 22, 2007

NRA News

Hells bells but its the Land of Mary's. What else should we expect.

"According to a Baltimore Sun article printed on Wednesday, September 19, Baltimore Mayor Sheila Dixon is considering joining New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg in a lawsuit against firearm dealers.

In yet another effort by Mayor Dixon to ignore the real source of crime – criminals – she is focusing on putting lawful, legitimate business owners out of work. She is shamefully turning law-abiding gun owners into scapegoats while the number of homicides in Baltimore closes in on 300 for the year.

Please contact Mayor Dixon’s office today at (410) 396-3835 or by email at and respectfully urge her to enforce the laws on the books, prosecute criminals, and stop infringing on the Second Amendment rights of law-abiding citizens."

Lets see now; female mayor, clueless to the 9's, black, and watching with a feeling of acute helplessness as her race continues to commit communal suicide by any means possible. But does she HAVE to fit into the stereotype that our bloodiest war was fought to end? Must she position herself as an outsider to this great experiment that has seen us rise from bankrupt colony to the most affluent and free nation in history?

Proving the naysayers to be incorrect would be a great start in assuming her races rightful place in society. And I for one am tiring of treating certain politicians with respect when all I get in return is spittle.

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