Saturday, September 29, 2007

More On The Strange Case Of Norman Hsu

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. - "Jailed fund-raiser Norman Hsu wants his 15-year-old fraud rap dismissed on a technicality and a full refund on the $2 million bail he skipped out on three weeks ago, his lawyers said yesterday.

Hsu looked frail in a waist shackle and orange jail uniform as he appeared in a San Mateo County court. He uttered only a single "yes" when Judge Stephen Hall asked if he had agreed to a five-week postponement of his attorney's motion to throw out his 1992 "no contest" plea.

Outside, attorney James Brosnahan said he would press the court for a dismissal or a new trial on the grounds that the judge who originally accepted Hsu's grand-theft plea in the $1 million Ponzi scheme is now retired, and it would be improper for a new judge to impose the sentence.

Apparently, Hsu's defense to skipping out on his sentencing hearing in 1992 and spending 15 years as a fugitive will be that he was partying in the public eye, all but inviting oblivious authorities to come get their man.

"Hsu was around and visible in California, contributing to California politicians," Brosnahan said. "You could find him literally in about one minute of effort ."

Virtually ANYONE could have done even the slightest bit of investigation and discovered Mr. Hsu's problem with the law, so of course we cannot believe Hillary RodHam's assertion that he was one political donor among many and his felonious underpinnings were unknown to her. Can't get a job as a busdriver in NYC without undergoing background checks, Ms. RodHam is aware of this, and to protest otherwise is simply adding yet another big lie to her lengthy list of untruths. Were the Hsu on the other foot and a prominent Republican to have been caught yellow-handed in the company of so odious an individual, his or her political future would have already been all but over.

And this is but one of the many reasons I detest the Clinton's and RodHam's. Their presumption to royalty, their disdain for their subjects, the little people who must obey the law while they comport themselves in whatever manner they damned well please.

After surviving his attempted suicide, Norman took a deep breath and came to the conclusion that he was safe from the long arm of the RodHam. Safe because she dare not even dream of having him meet with an untimely accident because even the Jurassic Press would have turned on her in a NY second. She is evil, has truck with evil people, and deserves sentencing far more than a seat in the Oval Office.

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