Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mets fall to Marlins, 7-4, giving Phillies 1st

I root for 2 baseball teams...

"On the outside looking in and out of first place for the first time since May 16, the Mets and their epic collapse have reached the reddest possible alert.

With two games remaining, Willie Randolph's free-falling team now controls nothing. Even victories tomorrow and Sunday might not be enough to keep them from heading home for the winter, as disgraced authors of the most stunning disintegration in baseball history."

The Yankees, and whomever is playing the Mets. Being a dutiful husband, and shooting, and general fiddle farting around has preventing my commenting upon sports, but this tale of woe was too good to pass up. Baseball's biggest choke. Courtesy of the Mets.

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