Monday, September 24, 2007

When Two GLOCKS And A Ruger Constitute An Arsenal

Phil Mushnick is one of the good guys. A sports writer who pulls no punches in decrying the sorry state of affairs in today's crass ESPN-ization of our beloved pastimes. Where foul mouths, moods, and behaviors are rewarded in order to gather in the coveted young male viewers. Yes, Phil calls a spade a spade but even he hates them nasty guns...

"CBS pre-gamer Shannon Sharpe yesterday addressed the Cowboys’ signing of Tank Johnson despite his, “questionable behavior.” Hmmm. Sharpe didn’t bother with any of the questions behind Johnson’s “questionable behavior,” including, “What’s that assault arsenal doing in his home?” and, 'Do his parole conditions allow him to cross state lines for road games?'"

Now there's no denying the fact that Johnson is a certified numskull...even when he wasn't "illegally" packing he was telling police that "You ain't the only one with a Glock. If it wasn't for your gun and your badge, I'd kick your ass.", but several handguns does not constitute an arsenal. Everyone knows that you do not go anywhere near Chicago with a firearm, but he did, and paid the legal price for it.

Time we faced facts, or time I faced facts because there's two types of people, those who hate firearms and those that enjoy them and the former get a helluva lot more good press than the latter.

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