Saturday, December 22, 2007

Audit criticizes Florida's concealed weapons program

"State workers have moved too slowly in rescinding the gun licenses of people arrested or convicted of crimes in many cases sampled by outside auditors, according to a critical review of Florida's concealed weapons program.

As a result, the newly released report by Florida's Auditor General states that there is "an increased risk that unqualified persons may remain licensed to carry a concealed weapon or firearm."

The report raises questions about how effective the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services has been in administering Florida's system of licensing people to carry handguns and other weapons, concealed for self-defense purposes. More than 468,000 people hold such licenses."

They've issued over 1.2 million but only 468,000 show up because of the grandfather clause. Get a license, move, or simply let it lapse then apply for a new one is considered a renewal and doesn't show up on the active list because they've taken the name off, and by, oh the year 2050 will get around to a full update . I've seen figures that put active licenses at just under a million, but what absolutely amazes me is the following:

There are so FEW screw-ups, so few people who've lost their "right". Compare it to ANY other government issued licensing system then ask gun-grabber Megan which is best.

And please now; go complaining about the half of one percent of people who for one reason or another lose a carry permit but shelter the hundreds of THOUSAND minority members, yes, including illegals, that maim and kill with their unregistered, unlicensed motor vehicles. You won't see grabber-Megan doing an article suggesting to the sheeple that drivers licenses are better off being abolished.

Liberals only complain about slow state workers when a right is being taken away, or handouts are slow in coming.

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