Saturday, December 22, 2007


by Robert Novak

December 22, 2007 -- "SUPPORTERS of Sen. Hillary Clinton's presidential candidacy are privately blaming aggressive campaigning by Bill Clinton for her recent decline in Iowa's pre-caucus polls.

In their opinion, the former president's strong defense of his wife pushes the contest for the Democratic nomination toward what Hillary Clinton wanted to avoid: a referendum on the Clinton administration, making her a symbol of the past rather than an agent of change."

Novak cannot seriously believe all this, as its plain to see that Bill was called in to boost Hillary's chances, BUT, if that doesn't work then they can blame him. Remember...nothing can EVER be Hillary's fault. Its either men ganging up on a women...and a less ganger-type than she one cannot imagine...or someone misquoting her, or her hubby talking out of school.

Since she has no core beliefs of her own it becomes difficult to sink or swim by herself, and this must be hard on her campaign staff as they race from fire to fire in the attempt to explain away the latest slight of hand nonsense pulled in order to make the harridan seem likable and intelligent.

She remains neither.

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