Saturday, December 22, 2007

Smith & Wesson 610

Basically, the 10 mm is the ballistic equivalent of the .357 Magnum, so whats the point of getting a 10 when you can simply opt for a 357?

The S&W 610 also fires .40 S&W. With the same gun you can use any of the myriad modern .40 rounds, plus stoke the sucker bigtime if necessary. As a revolver fan, I'd certainly be interested in such a weapon, carrying it with Federal HST or Winchester Ranger T's when armed against 2 legged animals, and feeding it full of maxed out Double-Tap or Buffalo Bore when the daily trek takes me into the swamp.

One problem. The dreaded Hillary-Hole.

Guess I'll await the eventual Taurus knockoff.

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