Monday, December 24, 2007

Drunk Santas Wreak Havok in New Zealand Cinema

"A GANG of drunk Santa's wreaked havoc in a New Zealand cinema this weekend, pushing families out of the way, ripping down posters and shouting "ho, fucking ho".

The crowd, thought to be students, ran into the Hoyts cinema in the CBD of the South Island city of Christchurch on Saturday afternoon, the Press newspaper reported.

Kate Gorman, 35, was waiting to see "Enchanted" with her two young children.

"At least 50 drunk idiots dressed up like Santa came in through the main door," she said. "They were kicking things over, ripping down posters and smashing everything in sight."

"They were all dressed as Santa and shouting 'ho fucking ho'," she told the paper.

Her children, Gabriella, 6, and Jackson, 7, had been confused by the incident, she said.

"They asked me, 'are they Santa's helpers gone crazy?' and I said `no, they are just idiots'."

Well they obviously got into the spirits and it IS down under'ish after all. Awaiting civilization for all these years and coming so very close at times.

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