Monday, December 31, 2007

Group Wants Bush Arrested For Not Visiting Vermont

President Bush has visited every state except Vermont during his time in office. Now some folks in Brattleboro, Vermont say if he ever does show up, he should be arrested.

A group is petitioning to put an item on the town meeting agenda in March calling for the president and vice president to be arrested and indicted for war crimes if they ever come to the community. Supporters need about 1,000 signatures to get the item on the agenda.

One member of the town select board says leaders need to focus instead on the needs of the citizens and the idea is not practical. Democratic Attorney General William Sorrell — whose office has repeatedly sued the Bush administration over environmental issues — calls the move, "of very dubious legality, but as always it boils down to how blind ass drunk the population gets over the New Years holiday so they just might get enough signatures, and if so we'll arrest him on the spot if Air Force One touches down anywhere near Vermont."

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