Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Minn. man shoots cops after SWAT team kicks down wrong door

"A Minneapolis police SWAT team kicked in the wrong door yesterday during an early morning raid, prompting the man of the house to grab his gun and open fire on the officers who entered the house.

"He took out his shotgun and he said if they are bad guys I'll shoot, I'll scare them away," Dao Khang, the brother of the homeowner, Vang Khang, tells the Star Tribune. "He fired first, he told me it was two shots."

Dao Khang says his brother was trying to protect his wife and six children. No one from the family was hit during the exchange of gunfire. Vang hit two officers, but the Pioneer Press says they were protected by ballistic vests and helmets.

"I must've heard over 20 or 30 shots, I swear, it was scary," Ruth Hayes, the family's next-door neighbor, tells WCCO-TV. "It was like 30 SWAT guys out here ... it was crazy it was just like havoc."

KARE-TV reports that Vang was detained at the scene and released a few hours later. Police say there may have been a "language barrier" between the residents and the officers.

"It was some bad information that was received on the front end that kind-of trickled all the way through," police Sgt. Jesse Garcia tells the station. "It's unfortunate because we have officers that were hit by gunfire and this truly, truly could have been a much worse situation."

Police haven't decided whether they'll try to charge Khang with a crime. KMSP-TV says the Khang family is consulting with a civil attorney."

Since the homeowner has an "excuse" for daring to fire at these nincompoops he probably won't be charged, even though this is Commiesota. Non-white with a less than perfect grasp of English means he gets treated fairly, and for once I won't complain about minorities getting the benefit of a doubt.

Whats interesting, aside from the fact that yet another no-knock went awry, is his getting off two shots, landing twice, while the return fire from the Fife's missed him and his family members altogether.

He was lucky they suck and they were lucky for all that body armor. And the probability that he was using bird or light buckshot. Not that I own any long guns but if I did there'd be a semi-auto ought-6 on hand that'd cut through the BS most ricky-tick.

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