Saturday, December 29, 2007

They Had No Heart In San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO — "Police radio transcripts from the night of a deadly tiger attack revealed a chaotic scene at the San Francisco Zoo as zookeepers struggled to sedate the animal and medics refused to enter until they knew they would be safe.

Zoo employees also initially questioned whether early reports of the Dec. 25 attack were coming from a mentally unstable person, according to an 18-page log of communications from police dispatchers to officers and emergency responders at the scene."

Good to see that in the land of fruits and nuts the cowardly still roam at will. I hate it when my enemies get stronger, but there's really no chance of that now is there.

Gotta feel sorry for those young men, especially the one that bled out while the first responders were making sure they were safe.

Fence was way too small, the staff couldn't find their ass with a tracking satellite and the emergency crews wanted signed affidavits that there'd be no boo-boo's in the offing.

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