Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Why are the Wheels Coming Off the Clinton Bandwagon?

Dirty Little Dickie M. Once Again Goes To The Head Of The "Master Of The Painfully Obvious" Class

Obviously, New Hampshire and Iowa are markedly different states with little in common demographically. But, what they do have in common is prolonged exposure to the candidates and to their paid media advertising. These two states have been through what we will all go through before Election Day. They have seen Hillary and Obama campaign day after day. They have watched the candidates — with the advertisements on television, heard them on radio and have focused on the more intensive news coverage they are receiving in the local media. The conclusion is inescapable: the more voters come to know Hillary Clinton the less they like her and the more they get to know Barack Obama the more they like him.

In the abstract, Hillary is a captivating idea. The first woman to run for president, she is the living reminder of the better economic times and international peace of the Clinton administration. But, up close and personal, she is far less attractive. As the rest of the country is exposed to the former first lady, if they emulate the voters in Iowa and New Hampshire and revise their opinion of her, the results will not please the Clinton camp."

What is he? On drugs?

Or in some twisted way, hoping she'll come begging for advice.

As far as Mrs. Clinton wearing out her welcome, we're likely to see it happen again and again. Not even dyed-in-the-wool moonbats can stomach the woman for any appreciable length of time. Many of us have been saying that would happen BEFORE she started campaigning so if thats ALL Dirty Dickie has to offer as an explanation, then get in line, pal. The back of the line at that.

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