Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Maryland Man Becomes King of the Isle of Man

"A Maryland man who claims to be the king of the Isle of Man hopes to visit his subjects next year — but he may find there's no welcome mat.

David Howe, 38, of Frederick, Md., was crowned King David of Mann on March 30 in a stateside coronation ceremony after filing a claim with the British government.

Howe, a small businessman who married his high-school sweetheart, decided to assume the throne after a U.K. genealogist contacted him in 2006 to say he might have a right to the crown.

Howe filed a claim with Her Majesty's Stationary Office on Dec. 20, 2006, they published the claim in Queen Elizabeth II's paper of record, the London Gazette, and after no one objected, they sent him a crown, robe and anointing spoon for the ceremony, he said.

Howe said he "kind of expected the Queen to object to the claim obviously, but after 90 days, nobody had objected. Nobody had contested it."

That sentiment changed once the residents of the Isle of Man got wind of their new "sovereign."

"As far as the Isle of Man Government is concerned the Isle of Man’s sovereign is Her Majesty the Queen, as Lord of Mann," Tony Brown, the island's chief minister, has said. "I am not aware of any valid alternative claim to sovereignty over the Island."

Ya know, something told me NOT to throw away that letter informing me that I might be the King too. I mean, what with all the SPAM going around...

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