Thursday, December 27, 2007

Two Suspects in Seattle-Area Massacre Confessed to Killings

"In flat, unemotional prose, sheriff's Detective John Pavlovich described the horrific killings outlined by McEnroe.

First, Pavlovich wrote, the couple shot her parents, Wayne and Judy Anderson, using large-caliber pistols and dragged the bodies to a shed. A short time later, the dead couple's son, Scott, his wife, Erica, their son, Nathan, and daughter, Olivia, arrived for a Christmas Eve visit.

"Knowing that Scott and his family were potential witnesses, Joe and Michele shot them," Pavlovich wrote. "Joe shot Scott with the 9mm (once); he then shot Erica at least (once) with the 9mm and then turned his attention to Olivia and Nathan. He shot them both in the head (once), killing them."

As we all know, there ARE maniacs among us. They can walk, talk, dress, and from all outward appearances pass as normal human beings. And it isn't until one of them says something as dumb as calling a 9 mm a "large caliber pistol" that we become aware of their lunacy.

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