Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Blast From The Past...Rudy Giuliani On Gun Control

February 24, 1997
NEW YORK (CNN) -- "New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani Monday blamed Florida's "absurd" gun control laws for a Palestinian man's fatal shooting spree atop the Empire State Building.

(Giuliani) said, he hoped the tragedy would help make other cities safer in the long run, by spurring uniform gun control laws nationwide.

"It should be as difficult to get a gun in Florida as it is in New York City," he said, "And if that was the case, then maybe Miami and Fort Lauderdale and about six other cities in Florida would be as safe as New York City."


If you've nothing much on the docket, and what could possibly be on your mind this time of year, then contacting Rudy via the following email address and asking if he STILL feels this way might be fun:


Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee, Inc.
295 Greenwich St, #371
New York, NY 10007

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