Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Battle plan targets criminals with guns

Whew...For A Moment There I Thought They'd Decided To Target The Ones They Usually Go After...

The Innocent

"Although we've become accustomed to hearing of the "body count" from Iraq war reports, we are not used to the term as a way to describe the urban war raging in our streets.

The headlines declaring 12 murders since June 30 confound all of us. And now, one of Indianapolis' finest officers has been shot after chasing down a man alleged to be involved in a recent homicide. Jason Fishburn, a five-year IMPD veteran, was shot twice Thursday evening. As of this writing, Fishburn lies in Wishard Memorial Hospital in critical condition.

We must act quickly and collectively to prevent this summer from becoming the bloodiest on record. We must support Officer Fishburn's family as he recovers. We must champion the hard work of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department in its continuing efforts to fight violence. However, the time has come to revise the battle plan. I am enlisting your support for what we are calling Project EVICT.

Project EVICT can best be described as a comprehensive approach that begins with aggressive and uncompromising law enforcement efforts coupled with a similar treatment of those cases in the courtroom. As prosecutor, I will assist the police in their stepped-up enforcement efforts as they sweep the streets for guns and drugs. And I commit to intensified efforts in my firearms unit by naming an additional deputy prosecutor to assist the three attorneys now serving as lead prosecutors in gun cases.

Project EVICT would effect the same punishment by sending those arrested and convicted of gun crimes in Marion County to the New Castle Correctional Facility. More than 400 beds are available in a mix of minimum- and maximum-security settings."

Wow, what a concept.

Sending jail.

Who'd a thunk it.

Silly that they're sending them to a facility somewhat far away. Where they can meet and greet new friends and establish new criminal contacts. The cops and lawyers think that sending them outside of their usual living space will be so very much a hardship that these poor crooks will be scared straight.

Uh huh.

Is it a wonder that crime is on the upswing in certain areas? Nope. Not with law enforcement personnel being so outright dumb, it isn't.

And thanks to The War on Guns for the heads-up.

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