Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Georgia Man Killed Own Daughter to Protect Family Honor

"A Georgia man appeared in court Monday on charges he killed his own daughter for disgracing his family.

Chaudhry Rashid, wearing a red jumpsuit and shackles around his ankles, went before Chief Judge Daphne Walker at the Clayton County Magistrate Court where he was arraigned on a murder charge.

The 54-year-old, who is of Pakistani descent, kept his head down as charges were read, and appeared to have difficulty understanding instructions from the judge, possibly the result of a language barrier.

His two sons were also in attendance, watching their father from seats in the rear of the courtroom, joined by two others. Rashid waved to their corner as he shuffled slowly out, impeded by the shackles.

Police said Rashid was so angered that his daughter planned to divorce her husband that he killed her after a heated argument at the family's home, FOX News affiliate MyFoxAtlanta reported.

The 25-year-old victim, Sandeela Kanwal, was wed in Pakistan in an arranged marriage. Police said Kanwal hadn't seen her husband, who lives in Chicago, for months.

Police who arrived at the scene said they found Rashid's two sons at the end of the driveway and their father sitting behind a car smoking a cigarette. Officers said that Rashid appeared "distraught and possibly mournful" and told police "my daughter is dead" when they arrived.

The news shocked neighbors and friends.

"The family is very upset and stressed," said Shahid Malik of the Pakistani American Community of Atlanta. Malik told MyFoxAtlanta that he met with the family Sunday and said they were all traumatized."

Notice there's not one mention of this animal being a moslem. But, after all, he WAS "possibly mournful". Since moslems do things like this each and every day, isn't it amazing that the same culture spitting out so twisted a creature could find it in its heart to be "shocked", and even "traumatized".

All that ink to humanize this beast and very little about the daughter he killed. And why, pray tell, didn't he speak English? How did he hold down a job, or get to stay in the country for that matter?

Nah, don't give us information, just emphasize how shocked and traumatized and possibly mournful everyone was. And never, ever, mention that a great many of these "honor killings" happen because the rich guy who purchased a daughter threatens to cut off the cash flow if the family doesn't convince her to play nice.

I grieve for you, Sandeela. And am so sorry that we've allowed such monsters to thrive and flourish, and that your story was told with an emphasis on making your killer and those who enabled him seem almost human. And no, I still can't understand why NONE of the plethora of women's-rights groups aren't taking enough umbrage to stand up for you in public. We refer to them as Miss and they threaten to stop the planet from rotating on its axis, but kill a young woman and they look the other way for fear of pissing these animals off.

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