Saturday, July 12, 2008

One Shot...One Dead Dumbass

Neighbor killed after threats, home invasion

"A Prairie Creek resident shot and killed a neighbor who had kicked in his door Tuesday evening and tried to assault him, police said.

Johnny Hawthorne shot Mekin Kantaphone with a handgun once in the head in self-defense inside Hawthorne’s home, Benton County sheriff’s Capt. Mike Sydoriak said.

The prosecuting attorney’s office will decide whether the shooting was justified, Sydoriak said."

Now why do they have to go through the time and effort to "decide" if shooting someone in self-defense was justified?

Job-security. Thats why. Then they'll tack on some ridiculous dollar amount to the decision, and tsk-tsk 'till the cows come home about how much money we spend investigating firearm usage.

And by the way; good shooting, Johnny.

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