Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ill-Annoy Cops Tell Victims To Scream Real Loud

...And It'll Chase Away The Muggers And Rapists

CHAMPAIGN- Another attempted sexual assault on the U of I 's campus has police talking about self-defense.
A 20 year old student told police she was grabbed by a man Saturday night and dragged between two parked cars. A witness scared the man away. Add this to the growing list of recent sexual and attempted sexual assaults on campus, four since mid-June.
Police say the key to safety is education, and being pro-active about your safety.
Linda Goby has been studying self-defense under U of I police Officer Tony Ortiz for ten years. She's taken her safety into her own hands.
"If you're a little bit more aggressive you're going to get that guy to leave you alone," said Goby.
In Ortiz's course R.A.D. rape aggression defense, he teaches women to take on an attacker. Number one never look like a victim, watch your stance, alertness and demeanor.
"Do you look tough?Do you look mean? Do you look like you'll be a hard target?" asked Ortiz.
The R.A.D program usually takes 12 hours over a four week period, but we can learn something right now, you have to project yourself and yell no!
"You yell no, no, get away, leave me alone, no," said Goby.
Statistics show most rapes are avoided by screaming and fighting back.
"With the way our society is anymore, you just have to be prepared," said Goby.
And a college campus is no different. A mixture of new surroundings and walking home drunk can make a female student an attacker's perfect victim
"Is it important to you going to some party or something, or your safety? Which one is more important," asked Ortiz.
A question officer Ortiz begs students to ask themselves before they wander the streets alone and if they do, he wants them to be ready."

Define for me, "fighting back". It's Illinois so of course the police wouldn't recommend learning to use weapons, but time and again we see rape after rape after homicide due to the simple fact that men are stronger and more aggressive and are going to win far more often than not.

In modern times, victims are made, not born. This is the 21st Century for chrissake, and for nearly 200 years there have been firearms suitable for female use. Gone are the days where the weaker sex must grin and bear it, unless of course they happen to live in a socialist paradise such as Ill-Annoy.

Men such as Officer Ortiz should be telling the truth and teaching gun classes instead of how to shout real loud and look mean, but why should he care?

He carries a gun and so I guess that the loud & angry deal doesn't apply to those special people. How's about putting your money where you mouth is, pal? How about going on patrol with one arm tied behind your back and nothing but a scowl and a shout as weapons.

Didn't think so.

Cowardly frig.

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