Sunday, July 20, 2008

Woman Sues Wal-Mart, Others for Discrimination Against Her and Her Pet Monkey

SPRINGFIELD, Mo. — "A southwest Missouri woman sued Wal-Mart, local health officials and Cox Health Systems, claiming they discriminated against her and her monkey named Richard.

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Debby Rose of Springfield said in the lawsuit that the 10-year-old bonnet macaque helps curb a social anxiety disorder that can cause her to have panic attacks in public.

The suit contends the Springfield-Greene County Health Department lacked the authority to decide that Richard is not a service animal under the Americans With Disabilities Act.

Health officials in 2006 sent letters to restaurants and grocery stores, advising them not to let Rose in with the monkey.

Rose also alleges she was denied access to Cox Health Systems facilities.

The three entities declined to comment on the lawsuit."

More and more nutty gals are calling for various animals to be classified as necessary for their very existence, and ask any bus driver in this neck of the woods and he or she will tell you that these wackjobs try sneaking them onboard dressed as babies, and in carriages, strollers, and those papoose slings that were all the rage a while back. When confronted they pitch the mother of all hissy fits and some need to be physically restrained lest they injure themselves. Cats, dogs, snakes, monkeys, ferrets, gerbils, squirrels even. Time was they'd dose 'em with laudanum and/or relocate these nuts to their very own rubber room. Now they find lawyers to help them sue and it costs all of us plenty of money.

Pictured: Example of creature being hailed as a necessary companion animal.

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