Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hezbollah Returns Bodies to Israel in Exchange for 5 Lebanese Mutants

...Beg pardon. I meant to say 'militants'

NAQOURA, Lebanon — "Five Lebanese militants freed from prisons in Israel in exchange for the bodies of two captured Israeli soldiers strode down a red carpet behind a Hezbollah honor guard Wednesday to a boisterous welcome from hundreds of cheering spectators.

Israel released Samir Kantar and four others after Hezbollah handed over two black coffins with the bodies of the Israeli soldiers, closing a painful chapter from the 2006 war in Lebanon.

Kantar, who had been serving multiple life terms in Israel for a grisly 1979 attack, wiped away tears as he stood before hundreds in the coastal border town of Naqoura in southern Lebanon. An honor guard escorted the men to a stage as a brass band played martial music and rows of uniformed fighters."

Yeah. Sort of brings a tear to my eye, too. Would have loved to slowly strangle the sumbitch.

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