Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Herd Panics...

AURORA, COLORADO | "The report sounded ominous when Aurora police responded Tuesday morning, July 15, after hearing a man with a AK47 and a banana clip was seen in a Home Depot Store.

Police surrounded the store at 3475 N. Salida St., just before 9 a.m. Employees and customers were brought out of the store as officers with rifles searched the interior for the reported gunman.

K-9 units were also called in the search the store.

Then, an employee came forward and told police that a man matching the description of the gunman had been inside the store earlier.

The employee said the man was carrying a nail gun and was looking for parts. He had left before police arrived."

So then, the police simply "heard" that a man carrying an AK was seen in a Home Depot.

I see.

What they seriously need to start doing is to publish names whenever one soccer mom or another goes apeshit and waddles away screaming that she saw a gggg-gun.

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