Sunday, July 27, 2008

The terrifying 4-inch key fob gun used to shoot clubber 'in row over girls'

"At just four inches long, it fits easily in the hand and could be a key fob of the type used to open car doors by remote control.

But this tiny device is in fact a lethal weapon - a gun capable of firing two 0.25-inch bullets.

Yesterday, a thug was jailed for nine years for using one like it to shoot a man for 'disrespecting' him in a nightclub.

Marcus Henry's weapon was converted from a pocket gun designed to fire miniature flares, a gadget which is legal in Bulgaria where they cost £15.

Around 100 are believed to have filtered into Britain from Eastern Europe in the latest worrying illustration of how weapons once found in the realm of spy fiction are falling into the hands of criminals.

The double-barrelled gun is fired by pressing buttons on the side.

Henry, 27, shot Yaw Darko Kwakye from nine feet outside the Departure Lounge club in the City of London on December 16 last year, hitting him in the shoulder.

Mr Darko Kwakye survived because, due to the short barrel of the weapon, the bullet did not fire straight but rotated through the air and hit him side-on. Henry was jailed at the Old Bailey yesterday."

So let that be a lesson to all you short-barrel lovers out there. The experts have had their say, and since the tiny tube of this Bulgarian mini-flare-gun is, well, too tiny, count on your .25 ACP's tumbling head over heels too.

What I'm having trouble understanding is what went wrong with England. Time was you never saw a cop with a gun let alone a bad guy, and seemingly overnight certain Brit cities have turned into free fire zones. Can't be the fact that they let their minorities run amok and now its too late to do much of anything but kill 'em all. Can it?

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