Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ignoring The Facts And Loving It

"Obama loves to say that we have to withdraw from Iraq "responsibly." There's nothing responsible about his plan. US commanders on the ground say it may not even be logistically possible. Does Obama even care? He says that when he's elected he'd give the military a new mission - to end the war. Conditions in Iraq, let alone winning, are marginalia."

There are two possible interpretations: Either Obama is dangerously sincere or he's a cynical operator playing duplicitous politics with matters of war and peace. Watch this space."

It is quite wrong to believe that the net-kooks are Barack Obama's "base". Yes, they make the biggest stink...and what a fetid rank it is...but the liberal foundation remains the same as ever. Women, minorities, fence-sitters, greenies, unions. Thats the reason for his surge to the middle. Frighten the soccer moms into believing you actually stand for something that might be difficult to achieve, show a shred of honor or decency or convince people they've got to earn their daily bread, and as a liberal politician you're done for.

The man knows full well he isn't losing the nutcases, but desperately needs to bring home the middle-of-the-road bacon.

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