Sunday, July 13, 2008

We Get Letters

"My closest friend just bought a new Ruger in 327 magnum and we tried it out but there isn't many places making a lot of ammo for it so we've been stuck with Federal. My question is what is the smallest gun you have ever carried and what is the biggest one?"

Yeah, the .327 seems to be going faster than they can make 'em, but most smallish pistols and revolvers sell very well, and I might have a look-see as soon as they get to these parts. I have and still do carry a .25 ACP when I believe that the situation warrants it. There's always one handy at Fort Fits and its just the ticket for a quick pocket drop when going out to check the mail or the paper, or even when scoping out the veggie garden. Would I intentionally take one into town as my only piece? Probably not. Back in the old days I had large framed revolvers and large framed bottom feeders so packing a .22 or .25 was pretty much the only game in town, particularly before the carry laws loosened a bit.

I'd never tell anyone which pistol or revolver to carry, but nowadays for me if it doesn't begin with "40" it better say .357 on the label. Gun fights are messy, sweaty, fidgety affairs and I like my target to say "goodnight, Fits" and be done with it without all that much ado. Also, for me there's woods-carry, and town-carry. A "smallish" .500 S&W isn't even close to too much gun when the gators are restless, and to tell the truth if open-carry were legal here in Florida I might rig one up one even outside of the swamp.

But since concealed is the operative word, and Florida isn't exactly the balmiest of environs, I stick with .40 S&W or .357 magnum, both loaded as hot as the platforms can safely handle (cough). I like to IWB a 3" or 4" revolver cross-draw, just my particular ergonomics...what feels the best...and the semi-autos go out and about at 2 O'Clock. If I know I'll be in a bad neighborhood to take a senior shopping, or to the doc, or wherever, an extra magazine comes along, and if the GP-100 is having it's day in the sun (hard to do when tucked all in like that) then a spare speed-loader is just the ticket.

Again, I'd open-carry in a heartbeat If I could. From single action Blackhawks to X-frame Smiths, for me it'd be a helluva hoot.

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