Monday, July 14, 2008

Hillary Clinton Asks To Keep Donor Money for 2012

That's right. The old witch doesn't pay her outstanding bills, then asks donors to let her keep THEIR cash for her next run.

I guess her meetings with the magic negro didn't end to her particular liking. Now he's crying poor mouth as well, and few of those who forked over their hard earned cash will even demand to ask for an accounting of where nearly $300 million dollars went.

Once upon a time such ponzi schemes used to be called "stealing".

"Hillary Clinton's campaign is sending out letters to donors asking permission to roll a $2,300 contribution to Clinton's 2008 general election coffers to her 2012 senate election fund instead of offering a refund.

The letter, read to me by one recipient, includes a photocopy of a handwritten note from Clinton that says, "Dear friend, your commitment has meant so much to me over the course of my presidential campaign. You were there for me when I needed you the most and I'll never forget it. I hope you'll help me continue to fight for the issues and causes we believe in by filling out the enclosed form in support of Friends of Hillary."

"Senate election fund" my butt. Doesn't take a rocket surgeon to figure out that she's keeping all of her options open, and if McCain wins she'll use the cash to run against him. Or maybe even Obo, come 2012.

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