Monday, July 07, 2008

"Letters To The Editor"...Yellowstream Media Style

'Guns have no business in vehicles'

"The recently-passed “guns at work” law permits gun owners to keep a loaded gun locked in his or her car. For what conceivable reason escapes me.

With 500,000 gun owners in Florida now, and many more on the way, I can’t help but feel that this new law will trigger (no pun intended) a rash of unfavorable reactions. For example, it can put loaded weapons into the hands of criminals and bad-apple youths. After all, how difficult is it to break into a parked car and force open the glove compartment?

It could mean that workers are now in jeopardy when a gun-owning employee “loses it” at work, runs to his car to square matters with bullets instead of angry words or just leaving."

You see, when letter-to-the-editors are as sloppy and loose with the facts such as this one is, its hard to take these people all that seriously.

Florida has an estimated 12 MILLION gun owners, and where this jabrony got his 500,000 is from the approximate number of active concealed carry licenses. But guess what? Guess who is committing gun crimes in Florida? Is it Joe Six-Pack? The average peaceable citizen who owns guns for protection as well as hunting and collecting?

Not a chance. And the folks who generate editorials like this know full well who is committing the vast majority of these crimes, just as they know that Florida has millions of gun owners but then, you see, it'd be hard to scream "BLOOD RUNNING IN THE STREETS!" if Ma and Pa Kettle knew that these folks are law abiding and history tells us that THEY aren't the ones to worry about.

David Codrea over at The War on Guns refers to it as the elephant-in-the-room that none dare speak of. David is a gentleman but I'm not going to be as I dare say for whom the bell tolls. And its the blacks mostly and the hispanics secondly and anyone disagreeing with that has been living on a planet other than earth.

So what are the lawmakers to do? Single out the ones most likely to kill, rape, and burgle? Keep closer tabs on them, make the laws more stringent for them...

They can't and you know they can't. Or won't, but at the end of the day its the same thing. Black mothers raise sons who revel in killing one another and when it happens these same black mothers then blame you and me for owning the guns that their sons stole to strafe the neighborhood with.

And weasel editorials masquerading as just another letter such as this one try twisting the facts, and in the process they get around to blaming you and me as well.

"A rash of unfavorable reactions." The aforementioned millions of Florida gun owners who've yet to initiate these unfavorable actions...we've carried our guns in our cars and on our persons for years now...are still the ones getting the bad press because to speak the truth is anathema to the Yellowstream Media.

FACT: We've toted our guns and ammo for quite a while and harmed no one but the criminal element.

FACT: Concealed carry holders are the most peaceable of people in the country, committing far less crimes per capita than the bloody police do. So are we then held to a high esteem and featured as paragons of virtue?

FACT: NOPE. We, you see, just MIGHT begin breaking out in a rash with unfavorable reactions.

The good guys get slammed yet again while the bad guys are sheltered.

Think this is what the Founding Fathers had in mind concerning the freedom of the press? And spare me the plea that this is just another citizen having his say. Sure. After he copied almost verbatim what the gun-grabbing press has been spewing for decades while hiding the real truth.

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