Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Criminally Negligent Husband Kills Wife And Unborn Child While "Cleaning His Gun"

ORLANDO, Fla. — "A pregnant woman and her unborn child have died in central Florida after being accidentally shot by the woman's husband, authorities said.

Yailen Abreu, 23, and the fetus died Tuesday at Orlando Regional Medical Center.

Orange County sheriff's officials said Abreu was hit in the stomach while her husband was cleaning his gun late Monday at their Orlando-area home. She was six months pregnant.

The bullet struck 39-year-old Enio Abreu in the hand before hitting in his wife, authorities said."

For cleaning a loaded gun, Mr. Dipshit Abreu should be tried, found guilty of felony negligence, and sentenced to no less than 5 years. For killing his wife while cleaning a loaded gun, Mr. Abreu should be sentenced to life in prison. For killing his unborn child while cleaning a loaded gun, Mr. Abreu should be sentenced to yet another life sentence, all sentencing to run consecutively. If after 30 years of being a model prisoner, Mr. Abreu should be released to participate in firearms training for youngsters. If after one year of being a pain in the ass while behind bars, Mr. Abreu's sentencing should be changed from life to the death penalty. All media outlets should be asked to feature this story, with the hope that such criminal negligence can be deterred by waking some of these idiots up.

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