Saturday, July 12, 2008

If It's Saturday, Then The Illegals MUST Be Bitching About Something...

Law to Keep Illegal Immigrants Out of Nebraska Town Causes Uproar

"A proposed law aimed at booting illegal immigrants from Fremont, Neb., is causing an uproar among residents and inciting cries of racism.

The law, which applies to illegal immigrants who were born in the United States and those who came to the country later, would require everyone who rents property in Fremont to hold an occupancy license, the Omaha World-Herald reported.

The application for the license asks people to verify their legal right to live in the United States and must be rubber-stamped by local police, according to the paper.

"I'll fight to the dying end to do what they want," longtime Councilman Bob Warner said of constituents who advocate the legislation. "I don't know why everybody is making a mountain out of something that is very simple."

Warner, the bill's sponsor, said some residents are "sick and tired" of what he believes is the federal government's lax approach to enforcing immigration.

The license costs $5 and needs to be renewed each time the renter moves. Those who are caught lying on the application and those renting without a license are subject to fines of up to $500.

Leaders in other U.S. towns have introduced comparable legislation, but it frequently winds up being struck down by the courts.

Advocates for the Hispanic community and others have complained about the proposal.

The Nebraska Mexican-American Commission issued a statement this week denouncing the "racial and anti-immigrant remarks" made at a recent Fremont council meeting discussing the ordinance."

Never in a million years do these felons address the issue of their, well, felonious standard of living. They whine and whinge and cry racist whenever possible, having of course learned that from the good reverends Jackson and Sharpton and its ironic since the beaners hate the blacks and the blacks hate the beaners.

Any port in a storm, eh?

All we ask, ALL we ask, is that they apply for citizenship just like every other law-abiding man, woman, and child. If they don't, then sorry. Adios and don't let the border hit in you in the ass on the way out.

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