Saturday, July 12, 2008

Teenager among four people fatally stabbed in London

A teenager is among four victims of separate fatal stabbings committed in London over the past day.

"His death brings the number of teenagers killed in the capital this year to 20 and comes after the Metropolitan police announced that knife crime had become their number one priority.

Two people – a woman aged 26 and a 34 -year-old man – have been arrested after the incident, which occurred during a confrontation at a bedsit in Gloucester Road, Edmonton, north London.

The alleged murder was one of several knife attacks that took place across the capital in the past 24 hours."

Psst? Yeah you, Limey. If the guy is dead, it isn't an alleged anything. Mkay? I know, I know, its England and no one should be so judgmental. Might hurt the killer's feeling and all. Can't have that, now can we. Particularly after the cops have made knife's the knives' fault, after high a priority.

I mean, if we start holding villains, thieves, and scoundrels accountable for their actions, why, that could lead to a better understanding of why such homicides occur. Nah. Better off blaming the tool, or better yet, the emotion. Knife-crime, gun-crime, hate-crime. Address the human equation and we'd be forced to notice the elephant in the room.

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