Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Obama Wants Your Children To Learn Spanish

Yes, Obo believes that it's a shame that his opinion...can speak but one language, and offers that every child should learn to speak spanish. He's wrong of course, but when is he not?

What tries to pass for spanish along the border states as well as everywhere illegal aliens are out and about, is usually gutter mexican.

But thats not really all that important. What is, happens to be this half-black nutcase not caring enough that black kids drop out at 50% ratios, and that black kids can't even speak coherent English. No, Obo doesn't care all that much about black kids because they don't vote, and chances are their mothers don't either. But he has the nerve to speak about educating the young. And if education is so near and dear to his heart, then where are his programs for teaching african-Americans how to read and write?

Ever even hear him talk about it? Course not. Here am I, a nobody blogger, wondering why the black community and especially the wealthy, influential blacks, aren't tackling this travesty with a passion to end all passions, but Obama wants to talk about us appearing unsophisticated to the euros so we all better hunker down and learn us another language, preferably pig-latin-street-hispanic. The young men of his own race are exterminating one another, but that plays second fiddle to his chiding of whites for not being bilingual.

Because he CAN'T mean blacks, now can he. The majority of modern young blacks do not shine in any language.

But thats okay. We'll save the world, we Caucasians, if those among us who don't know another language would just learn one and right quick. The half of him that's white seems to be working overtime to better the white race, but his black half doesn't care about the poverty and murders and prisons his black brothers and sisters know all too well.

Seems like a racist sumbitch, doesn't he?

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