Sunday, July 27, 2008

Messenger Spotlight On: Tanzania

Albinos murdered for their parts

"Tanzanian police say another albino man has been murdered - the 26th victim in less than a year. His wife, also an albino, was hurt in the attack.

Unidentified attackers reportedly severed his right foot and genitalia.

Witchdoctors want the parts for potions which they say make people rich, says the BBC's Vicky Ntetema."

In 1964, after receiving independence from England, Tanganyika and Zanzibar merged to form Tanzania. You may find Tanzania bordering the Indian Ocean, somewhere between Mozambique and Kenya. Why in the name of all thats holy would one WANT to find it? If you wish to purchase albino body parts...since anyone who is not jet-black is considered a particularly clever demon with inherent magical prowess...Tanzania is the place to go. Not that they're racist, mind you. Everyone knows that it is impossible for blacks to be so. They simply grow people for their parts then cut them up and sell them. But be careful when visiting, as their idea of an albino is anyone not a negro, so watch out for them there parts.

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