Friday, July 04, 2008

Security Guard Plans To Challenge Disney By Bringing Gun To Work

A Disney security guard told Eyewitness News he's okay with being fired rather than go to work unprotected. Disney claims it's exempt from a new state law that allows employees to keep handguns in their cars.

The employee Eyewitness News talked with is not concerned about safety at the park. He's concerned about a rise in crime everywhere else.

As a security guard, Edwin Sotomayer works strange hours and says he has a right to feel safe when he is commuting to and from the theme parks. He has been a Disney security guard for more than 13 years, but he's willing to lose his job to stand up for his right to bring a gun to work.

"I am going to be a test tube of this new law. If I am the first one to get fired at Disney, let it be," he said.

Disney claims it's exempt from a new state law allowing employees to carry guns in their cars because it stores fireworks, but Sotomayer says Disney is violating his rights and he plans to challenge the company Friday by putting his gun in a case and keeping it in his car while he works security at Animal Kingdom.

"It's the law and the law is there to protect me. I hope somebody is listening to me up there too," he said.

Sotomayer said he wants to be able to protect himself from Orlando's growing crime problem.

Channel 9 found a 43 percent increase in the number of calls for service to Disney in the last year, but also found the Orange County Sheriff's Office didn't file a report on most of the calls. Deputies said they will not file a report if the incident does not rise to the level of a crime.

Sotomayer said Disney is safe, but Orlando is not, and he has the right to keep a gun in his car so he is protected during his 23-mile commute to and from the theme park."The criminals don't care. If they have to kill someone, they will," he said.

Disney told Eyewitness News it respects Sotomayer's opinion, but safety is its top priority and employees who bring guns to work risk getting fired. Sotomayer has already hired an attorney.

He is not the only one who is upset. The NRA and the State Attorney General have also received complaints."

Well, we all pretty much knew that Disney held itself above the letter and spirit of the law so its no surprise that they've decided to flaunt it with impunity. Orlando has been allowed to turn into one of the worlds most unfavorable of cesspools, and but of course law enforcement doesn't make a formal entry unless they can't just show up and smooth things over because thats all they'd be doing is sitting at a desk in hunt and peck mode. There is a certain sort of individual that arrives at the park all full of spunk and entitlement and they've been protected from acting like human beings for so very long one doesn't dare get in their way. The link contains the following poll so hit it if' a mind to.

Click into "Results" to say yes or no.

The NRA is taking aim at Disney. A new law just went on the books in Florida that says people are allowed to bring their guns to work, but it's not the case at Central Florida's largest employer. Do you think Disney employees should be allowed to bring guns to work?

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And stop already with nonsense such as "The NRA takes aim at...yadda yadda."

The NRA isn't a person or even a group of guys from Jersey living under the boardwalk.

The NRA is a club that does whats in the best interest of its members. Unlike, say, the Congress.

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