Saturday, July 19, 2008

Gun Registrations Off To Slow Start in D.C.

I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone would willingly live in D.C.

Aside from politicians and those that make a living following them around, the District is certainly not a place one simply says, "Hey, honey! Pack your bags. I've finally managed to swing our move to D.C!"

The climate sucks, the place is full of battling minorities, lawyer types, and talk show hosts who never said a damned word about the lack of 2nd Amendment rights until it became fashionable.

Now they've offered an amnesty period where those who've kept guns illegally can have them examined, test-fired, and registered.

"Officials said they expect that most of the gun owners who show up to register weapons in the weeks ahead will be people who kept revolvers in their homes illegally during the ban and who want to take advantage of a six-month amnesty period that began yesterday.

Others, such as Heller, might have purchased revolvers legally in other jurisdictions, including Maryland and Virginia, and then left the guns in the care of friends or relatives when they moved to the District. As Newsham told Heller yesterday morning, those guns can be legally transported into the District, provided that they are taken directly to D.C. police headquarters for registration.

The only application received yesterday was from a woman who brought a revolver to the registration office under the amnesty program, officials said.

After the gun was test-fired and the woman completed registration paperwork and a written test, she went home with the gun to await a decision on her application.

By law, she must keep the gun in her home, unloaded and either disassembled or fitted with a trigger lock, and she is not allowed to use it, even for self-defense, unless her application is approved. The process involves a background check for disqualifying factors such as a felony record or history of mental illness.

Von Breichenruchardt stressed that Heller did not need amnesty because he broke no laws. He called the semiautomatic handgun ban "foolishness" and said it almost certainly will be challenged in court.

"The Supreme Court has given its ruling," he said. "Mr. Fenty and the city council are not above the Constitution of the United States."

Fenty and the city council have always been above the Constitution. Liberals are like that. Since they don't trust themselves and are forever bitching and moaning and predicting doom, they figure everyone else must feel the same way and so of course they shouldn't have the ways and means to go postal at the drop of a hat.

Anyway, I had a busy and productive day shooting hogs with various platforms and munitions to determine real-world penetration and stopping power. No hunting season for hogs here in Florida. See 'em, shoot 'em, case closed. Now if we could only breed them to walk on their hind legs and wear lots of layers of denim they'd be the perfect depository for unwanted rounds.

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