Saturday, December 01, 2007

Attorney Accused Of Having Gun In Carry-On

"A Miami attorney was arrested Friday morning, accused of trying to take a loaded handgun onto a flight at Miami International Airport.

Keith Brais was traveling to Orlando when a security screener using the X-ray machine detected the loaded .9 mm in his carry-on luggage at concourse G shortly before 8 a.m., authorities said.

Brais told police he forgot he had the gun in his bag.

"In 99 out of 100 cases, they look at you with this sort of dumbfounded look and say, 'I forgot,'" said Mark Hatfield, regional director for the Transportation Security Administration. "Hard to imagine in a post-9/11 world that somebody could arrive at an airport with a gun -- a loaded gun -- in a carry-on bag and claim that they forgot they had it with them.

"Brais is charged with carrying a concealed firearm. Local 10 learned he had a concealed weapons permit, but it expired in June. Regardless, it is still illegal to carry a loaded gun as a carry-on item on a plane."

Now that's attention to detail. NOT.

Forgets he has a gun in his bag.

Forgets to renew the carry license.

And for the love of Pete, where in all hells did he get a .9 mm anyway?

Talk about a peashooter...

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