Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Liberal Oil Embargo Circa 2008

In mid-October of 1973, the Arabs, along with other sand fleas, decided that since we backed Israel during the Yom Kippur War they'd show us who the REAL power was in the Middle East by shutting off our supply of oil. This came to be know as the Arab Oil Embargo.

Gas lines were blocks long, fuel was being rationed according to the odd or even digits of ones license plates, and what little gas there was skyrocketed from an average 20 cents to an unheard of 60 cents per gallon. Filling stations had to fly either green or red flags in to signal motorists as to the availability of product and violence broke out in many a station that had either forgotten to change flags or were luring people in to purchase items other than fuel and oil.

I was an adult, I was a driver, and I remember it quite well thank you very much. People were wondering why, with all of our own oil, we were beholding to the camel humpers for go-juice and were shocked to learn that people calling themselves environmentalists had been lobbying mightily to prevent our drilling for our own crude.

"Alaska is pristine! Drilling will KILL the animals there! And if we do drill it'll be 5 or 10 years before the oil reaches your pumps so its time to look for other sources of energy!"

"The ocean is pristine! Drilling will KILL the fish there! And if we do drill it'll be 5 or 10 years before the oil reaches your pumps so yadda yadda!"

1973. Twenty-five years ago. We did manage to drill some in Alaska, but not as much as would be necessary to totally wean ourselves away from high-priced foreign oil.

ANWR is a frozen desert. Nothing lives there, not a tree or a bush or even a teensy weensy deer. It isn't the Caribou the loons are fearful of disturbing, although it'd be swell if us humans all moved to Mars and let the animals have the planet back, no, its their hatred of the internal combustion engine that permits us to remain footloose and fancy free.

Modern offshore drilling is so very clean and environmentally friendly that fishing industries share the same waters as oil platforms.

The powerful loons wish us barefoot and pregnant and beholding to them for our daily bread, and the ones you see traipsing about the country with signs and greasy hair, they just want whatever we DON'T want. They can strive mightily to re-write history, to convince the traitorous press to aid and abet their lies, but the problem has ALWAYS been their ridiculous dreams of utopia and/or total power over all mankind.

Even with all his connections, John McCain never made Admiral. All he's ever wanted was to be the most important guy in the room and if elected my feeling is he'd be a lot easier to deal with not having to kiss liberal ass to maintain his rank. I won't vote for him because I just don't like the guy, lesser evil or not, but if Obo the wonder half-negro gets in then look for, among other things, $6 a gallon for gas in the immediate future and the sky's the limit.

This is America and you can vote for anyone you want. Just don't bitch about gas prices if you elect a democrat, that's all.

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