Sunday, December 05, 2010

Continuing With All Knives All The Time Weekend...

Tonight on Frost Cutlery's Cult-Leery Corner, I once again noticed a new trend. The old Hen & Rooster brand went defunct as a manufacturer years back, with James A. Frost purchasing the rights to the name. Because the original knives were manufactured in Germany, Frost hit upon the perfect scam; continue to hint that the product was STILL made in Germany, and it was Hen & Rooster this, Hen Rooster that.

No longer. Now it's H&R. Forget that the H&R name and line and history has long been taken by the old Harrington & Richardson gun folks, apparently now was the time to strike while the grifting was hot.

The Frosted Flakes also continued with their assertion that Abalone was soon to be placed upon the endangered species list so's ya'll better be buying them up right quick. Few months back it was assisted-opening knives that were on their way to being outlawed, but nary a peep about it lately. Probably because enough geeks bought out every last assisted knaahf Frost could get his hands on so there simply wasn't any reason to continue prevaricating. And let's not forget that every last assisted opener Frost featured was advertised using someone else's registered trademark. Getting the Chicoms to build you some potsteel is infinitely easier than actually coming up with a name, because then you'd need some talent.

For the record, Frost Cutlery does not manufacture knives. Buyers meet and greet with companies in China and India and Pakistan, have a look at what can be done and for how much, and place an order just like you and I could if we were looking to open our very own knife company. No forges, no computer-driven designs, no famous blademasters, no nothing.

A phone and a warehouse. A cheap cable outlet for your continuing infomercials, a barker or two and you're good to go.

Which, God bless 'em all, is fine. As long as you're honest and open about it, why not. But inveterate liars are devoid of honor and live to screw the screwable.

Don't be screwed. Buy all them cheap knives ya'll want. Just be aware from whom you are buying them from. That much, at least, you owe to all of the hard working, honorable knife manufacturers.

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